Thank you & wow you made me understand today my husband & why he is doing what he is real looking forward to predictions will call back x

Thank u so much I spoke to you today 12/11/2017 thank you for being honest with me I truly believe in what you said keep up the good work love and light x jyoti x

You picked me up when I was so low u got me to such a strong point to see to move forward and helped guide me! I am also giving up ringing psychics and if I am having a wobble only ring u, fantastic lady can't thank you enough u uplifted me, can't believe what u told me u were my turning point.

Hi Sandie is very good, she was accurate when I had a reading about a year ago and seemed to be this time as well. Sorry Sandie I got cut off half way through the reading 19/9 18.30.

Thank you my lovely xx I always come away feeling so positive after talking to you. x

Very good reading. Honest and to the point. I will call again.

Sandie is the best reader I have ever had everything comes true for me. Sandie is like my fairy godmother

If she says it will happen it does happen. BIG Thank you for my readings March 2018.

I had a reading with the lovely Sandie back in February of this year! At first I thought she was talking nonsense but to my shock everything she saw come true especially in regards to my work situation situation she told me what was coming up & what was going to happen, cannot thank her enough! Sandie I will keep you updated as to the other things you saw for me. God bless you my earth angle. x

This lady was very kind but a straight talker. I enjoyed my reading with her. She gave off very good vibes. I did not leave the call as stressed as I was in the beginning. I hope to call her again to catch up within the future to have another reading, maybe I will be telling her how her reading has unfolded. :).

I have just come off the phone after talking to Sandie. Asked her a specific question and straight away no pause, Sandie knew exactly where I was coming from no guessing and fishing and answered my question with so much information and detail.. Asked another question and wow again no pause straight into the answer. Thank you Sandie, fantastic uplifting reading. xxx

I have had a few readings with the wonderful amazing Sandie, in this particular instance I wanted to know about someone who has passed for some time, she managed to connect with this person which was fantastic but what amazed me was who she brought forward just after as I was expecting her to connect with my friend’s father but instead she brought mine, Sandie you’re the best hope to catch up again soon. D

Just come off the phone from Sandie, well what can I say, a lovely friendly lady asked no question just told me what her guides saw, no awkward silences just information that flowed from start to finish an excellent reading from a first class lady. Thank you so much Sandie x

Very compassionate and accurate. This was a lovely reading and was delivered tactfully and with warmth and honesty, I recommend.

I will definitely use Sandie again the reading she gave me was so to the point.

I have just had another reading with Sandie after some time, not only did she tell me what she has told me before but she also added a few more things and that's how I know she is the real deal.

Sandie gave me a general reading that was spot on didn’t have to say anything and that's how I know she is a true psychic / medium.

Spot on thank you.

Thank you for a detailed reading! It was fast and very uplifting. Would definitely recommend it.

She made me really understand what will happen within the next couple of months and she made me realise a lot. What I need to do for myself. Being a first time caller she made me feel really comfortable but also made me feel like what she was saying and seeing was accurate and I know what I need to do. Thank you Sandie. T xx

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